Large Topiary – Artificial Outdoor Topiary Plant

Large Topiary Plant - Artificial Leaves

The only reason people prefer to use artificial plants is that they hardly require any maintenance and the one that is preferred in artificial plants is a topiary plant. The one shown below is a large topiary plant suited for both outdoor as well as indoor placement.

Large Topiary Plant - Artificial Leaves

This is an artificial outdoor topiary plant measuring 6 feet tall and approximately 1 foot wide. This topiary plant is made of plastic which makes is suited for both indoor and outdoor. This plant has a total of 1808 leaves all made of plastic but the great part it that this artificial topiary plant can fool anyone who hasn’t seen similar type of artificial plants before. Observing the plant from a close distance will reveal that it is fake and is made of plastic.

This large topiary plant comes with a pot that is very durable to hold the entire plant for years. It is also made of plastic. The entire plant and the pot weigh just under 20 lbs. The pot color matches with this topiary plant. Many people have used this as a replacement for Christmas tree but overall this is great replacement for those leafy and soily indoor plants as well as artificial plants that are placed on house entrances.


This artificial Topiary plant can easily be bought from Amazon at a special 15% discount price.

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