Instant Water Heater – Ariston Water Heater Electric Mini Water Heater

Bosch Ariston Instant Water Heater

Many large outdoor water heaters take a lot of time to heat water and then transfer to the point where It is required mostly in kitchens, bathrooms etc. As a result, a lot of cold water has to be wasted in order to receive hot water from those bulky water heaters. The problem is solved by installing an electric mini water header just below the sink. The one shown below is an Ariston water heater from Bosch which is an instant water heater at your service.

Bosch Ariston Instant Water Heater
The Bosch Instant water heater shown above has the capacity of 4 gallons. It also comes in a 2.5 gallon and 6+ gallon tank capacities which is just about the perfect size for doing dishes, washing hands in cold weather etc. As many people have found out, this is one of the best solutions for small to medium kitchens. Currently this mini water heater ranks at the top by many buyers and sellers in USA alone. See details.

Ariston Water Heater Installation

The Ariston instant water heater requires 12.5 amps to operate as it consumes 1500 watts of electrical power and can heat waters in the range 65-145 F. This electric mini water heater has an operating pressure of 150 PSI and it has ½” NPT water connections. This instant water heater has a very compact size as it measures 13.75×13.75×13.5 inches and only weighs 17 lbs. The Ariston instant water heater has an elegant design and can be installed as a stand-alone water heater or along with your existing water heating system right at the point of usage. The Bosch Ariston water heater is also backed by 6+1 year of limited warranty for heat exchanger and parts respectively.

Where To Buy ?

This Bosch Ariston Electric Mini water heater is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special 15% discount price that might jump back to normal at anytime.

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