Cisco Home Energy Controller Announced

Cisco home Energy controller

Cisco has released another tablet that serves a slightly different purpose than what other tablet computers out there have. It is a Cisco Home Energy Controller (HEC), which lets you manage and control the way energy is being consumed in home throughout the year.

Cisco home Energy controller

Cisco Home Energy Controller

This Cisco Home Energy Controller features a 7-inch touch screen display which lets you view the current energy consumption as well as its cost. Plus you can monitor history of your home energy usage. This Cisco Home Energy Controller receives information from appliances via Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN connectivity and it lets you control them the way you want. For example, you can easily cut down energy consumption by shutting down appliances that are not currently needed such as refrigerator, air conditioners etc. You can even control your energy consumption during peak hours, thanks to Cisco HEC specialized pricing plans.

The Cisco Home Energy Controller is powered by a 1.1GHz Intel Atom processor and has Ubuntu Linux for MID operating system. The Cisco HEC can also be used to run videos, make phone calls and perform plenty of tasks other than just a home energy management (refer data sheet).

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