Best Wireless Security Camera System

Arlo Home Security Camera

Arlo Home Security Camera
Yesterday, we told you about the Paigo Smart Home Automation System, which encapsulates every aspect of home automation. Although the project is not a real one, but the existing products of home security also have the advanced features as separate device modules. Among these automation systems, one of the most important and general unit is Security Camera System. In this article, we are going to tell you about the Best Wireless Security Camera System that you can install in your home to guarantee 100% safety.

Netgear Arlo Is The Best Smart Security Camera System

The Best Wireless Security System, which we are talking about, is the Arlo Smart Security Camera System from Netgear. This security camera has nice smooth and smart oval body that mounts via magnetic stick provided in the package. So, you can place it anywhere; onto the wall, under the roof, at the door, etc. it will remain stick to its magnetic surface regardless of its position.

How To Install?

As mentioned above, that you can place it anywhere in the house, let’s have a brief look at its installation:

• Before mounting the camera you need to insert 4 CR123 Lithium batteries into the camera unit to work Attach camera to the magnetic mount.
• Connect the provided Ethernet Cable to the base unit and your WiFi router.
• Install the corresponding iOS or Android app to your phone, from where you can create account, start synching data and set the functions of camera according to the options provided in the app.

Arlo Weatherproof Security Camera
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How It Is Working?

When the app has been configured properly, then camera will start functioning whenever it detects motion around its vicinity and then it starts working in the following manner.

• After sensing the motion, the blue LED light starts to blink and the camera will start recording.
• The recording can be seen directly onto your phone where you installed the app.
• The HD camera records video of resolution up to 720p and records video clearly even under the night vision mode.
• You can adjust the motion sensitivity i.e. the higher the sensitivity value the more frequently the camera will record videos.
• On setting up alert, you will receive email or app notification whenever camera senses motion, so that you could stream the video in real time. You can watch 4 streaming videos at one time.
• Arlo has provided 1 GB of cloud storage that can record videos of up to 7 days.


Benefits of The Best Wireless Security Camera System

Since most of the families of today have to go out for work, meanwhile they need to connect with their home and family members. Therefore, it is urgent need to have the best security camera system installed in your home not just to ensure security but also stay in touch with family members and check what they are doing. This Arlo Netgear security camera system is far better than the other surveillance cameras available in the market becuase it:

• Provides both indoor and outdoor security irrespective of daylight or darkness it always keeps an eye on every movement.
• Has rugged body ensures 100% working in rainy or extreme weather conditions.
• Keeps you alert whenever you are outside and want to check when your kids arrive from school and who enters in your house.

Where To Buy?

After learning much about the Arlo Smart Security Camera System, one should think to buy it and get relief from the home security concerns. It comes in multiple packages on Amazon Store with Free Shipping. The packages are:

Single Camera Kit for $199.99
2 Camera Kit for $349.99
3 Camera Kit for $449.99
Add on Camera for $159.99

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