RL1000 Robomower Review – Robotic Lawn Mower

The RL1000 Robomower is a robot that mows your lawn on its own without your intervention. Yes, that is right, unlike other lawn mowers it does the mowing and not you so it will not be a compliment to say it is a robotic lawn mower that does the job for you while you read your news paper or do some other work.

Robomower : RL1000This handy piece of equipment is made by Friendly Robotics who have been making robotic appliances for both commercial and industrial purpose. The idea behind making the RL1000 lawn mower was to automate your lawn mowing activity by employing an automatic mower, the robomower, which works according to a pre-programmed schedule and mows your lawn like a golf course. The fact that it mows on its own has caught the attention of a huge audience who are either not satisfied with their current lawn service or they simply do not have enough time to mow their lawns. The RL1000 Robomower will save you from a lot of things that conventional mowers require. For instance, there is hardly any maintenance required for this equipment as it runs on sealed batteries that are maintenance-free and are to be replaced every 3-4 years. The batteries are also recharged by mounting the mower on a docking station that comes with the RL1000 Robomower. Again the mower mounts itself and do don’t have to. Continue reading to find how it is done. There are three blades present in the RL1000, for cutting high grass (1.75-3.25”) and for cutting low level grass (1-2.5”). These blades spin at a remarkable 5800 RPM which is more than enough for cutting any kind of grass. The blades also require no replacement or sharpening for at least three years of consistent usage and are easy to replace too. Just snap and fit without additional tools.

RL1000 Lawn RoboMower

So far in this review, we have not shed any light on the automatic mowing capability of the RL1000 Robomower, so lets look at how this mower is doing all kinds of stuff on its own. It has a built-in programmable memory and a brain that makes decisions based on its environment. The brain of RL1000 tells it when to leave the docking station and from where to begin mowing. A perimeter wire is provided with the RL1000 mower which you can set as the boundaries of your lawn or your desired mowing area. The Robomower runs at a slow pace so that when it approaches the perimeter wire or any other obstacles, its sensor sends a signal to its brain to stop and move around and find another way (see video below). There is also a rain sensor on this lawn mower and this tells the mower when it is raining so that it can return back to its docking station or remain there until rain stops. This lawn mower is also completely rain-proof.

Although the RL1000 RoboMower is not a cheap appliance for anyone who has plenty of time to mow the lawn. But if you compare the cost associated with other lawn mower products and services then it is definitely a must tool to have in your lawn as it is environment friendly, no fuel required, never wakes your neighbor, does a clean job and lets you relax and do other work.

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