Low Voltage Garden Lights – Low Power Lighting For Garden

For small gardens and lawn, it is not a nice idea to spend hundreds of dollars in lighting kits and then pay an additional cost each month in the form of electricity bills. For small gardens and lawns, a kit that contains low voltage garden lights is usually favored. The garden lighting kit shown below consumes much less power than other high power halogen lamps.

Low Voltage garden lights

This garden lighting kit contains a set of four low voltage garden lights powered by 12 V power supply. Each light consumes 50 Watts. This garden lighting kit is suitable for the entire garden, pathways, trees, foliages etc. Each garden light in enclosed in a very durable cast metal housing that is black in color.

The best part about these low voltage garden lights is that these come with a 300 Watts power pack with an integrated timer. The timer is used to set the ON and OFF timings for your garden lights. The lights will automatically turn ON or OFF according to your own preset times. The kit can further support two more garden lights of similar power rating. This is a cheap kit that will light your small gardens or specific portions of a large garden and with the timer settings you definitely keep the running cost of your garden lighting under your control.

This garden lighting kit includes 4 lights, a 300 Watt power pack including a timer plus a 100 feet cable for connecting your kit together. This garden lighting kit needs not to be hard-wired. This is what makes the installation real simple and easy.

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  1. small gardens are nice because you can just fit it in any part of your home, small gardens have that “cute” factor too.’;

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