65 Gallons Rain Water Collection – Rain Water Barrel

If you live in a region where it rains very often then you can make use of a rain barrel to collect and store rain water and use it for watering your plants and other for purpose. There are many expensive ways of achieving this by means of a complete rain water collection and storage system. Such collection and storage systems can cost anywhere from $500 to over $5000. Inexpensive ways include the use of a rain water barrel similar to the one shown in the photo below.

rain water collection and storage barrel

With a rain water collection barrel you can save water for your own use when it is not raining. This rain water barrel has a capacity of storing up to 65 gallons of water. This water storage barrel is very durable to hold that much water for as long as you want. It is made of molded plastic that has chip and crack-resistant nature. The barrel is double-walled for added strength and durability. This is what makes this rain water barrel more rigid and durable than other similar products.

This rain water storage barrel has a brass spigot attached to it .This is used for filling pot and other water containers. The spigot is installed at the perfect height, just about 10 inches from the base of the barrel. This rain water barrel is about 24 x 24 x 46 inches in dimension and weighs close to 20 lbs.

On this rain water collection barrel you will also find a small hose attached to the bottom for additional filling options. On the top of the rain water barrel you will find a small crown shaped planter for planting anything you like.

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