2-in-1 Extendable Petrol Chainsaw and Pertrol Hedge Trimmer

If you spend hundreds or even thousands in your yearly lawn maintenance then chances are you would be surprised to know that with your own garden maintenance kit you could cut down this amount by more than 50%. The kit we are talking about is the 2-in-1 Petrol Chainsaw and Petrol Hedge Trimmer by Eckman.

Petrol Hedge Trimmer Petrol Chainsaw 2-in-1

With additional accessories such as brush cutter and grass trimmer, this becomes a very powerful lawn maintenance kit. It runs on petrol engine which when fueled to its maximum will give up to 50 minutes of use time. The petrol engine itself is of 1 kW power and it complies with EU11 safety/emission standards. To see how easy it is to use the petrol chainsaw, petrol hedge trimmer, brush cutter and the grass trimmer, watch the video below.

With the pole extender, this tool will stretch to as long as 9 feet which is just about the ideal length for cutting and trimming jobs of roof tops, walls and high trees. The petrol chainsaw as the ability to cut branches that are almost 1 inch in diameter. Overall this is a great kit for those who want to save some serious money each year and also for those who want to take care of their gardens and lawns on their own.

Available at TechnologyInTheHome.com

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