Virtuix Omni : Virtual Reality Gaming One Level Up

Virtuix omni Virtual gaming

Virtuix omni Virtual gaming

Virtuix Omni is an amazing revolution for the PC gamers who want to take their gaming to a higher level. The Omni treadmill  along with Oculus Rift head mounted display has made this possible and not to forget mentioning almost 2 years of hard work behind it to make it a reality.

Virtual reality enthusiasts now say no to controller, keyboard and mouse game play as now you can walk, run, aim and shoot just like you are in the real world and the best part is that you always remain at one spot.

Just imaging hearing someone shooting you from behind and you have to actually turn towards him and then shoot back. It will turn out to be quite an exercise at the end keeping the fun level at the very top.

The Virtuix Omni will work with any game and application that uses keyboard (A,W,S,D) for movements, positions etc. There will be no more lazy gaming with the Virtuix Omni.

The Virtuix Omni will start shipping in March 2014 for $499 only and every purchase will receive Omni gaming treadmill, pair of specially designed shoes, belt, Omni interface software etc.


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