Razer Switchblade – Intel Oak Trail Powered Gaming Netbook

Razer Switchblade portable Gaming netbook

The picture below is a prototype of the Razor Switchblade, which is a 7 inch gaming gadget powered by the recently announced Intel Oak Trail Atom processor (Z670) which has double GPU core and double system bus speed as compared to previous Intel Atom processors. It also seems like the new Razor Switchblade is meant for intense portable gaming experience. More details below.

Razer Switchblade portable Gaming netbook

The Razer Switchblade has a 7” capacitive touch screen with a keyboard that has been specifically made for games. The keys appearance and functionality change with respect to every game. It even has HDMI port so that you can hook it to your HDTV and enjoy better gaming experience. The Switchblade in the above picture is running the game DotA (Defense of the Ancients) and it looks quite decent as claimed. The device also has USB interface and runs on Windows 7 platform. There is not much information available about the new Razer Switchblade gaming netbook and we will update the specifications, features, price and availability as they are revealed.

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