PowerA MOGA – A Complete Gaming System For Android Phones



Mobile gaming is getting complex day by day and use of touchscreen as the controls are becoming difficult to operate game specially for shooting games. PowerA MOGA Gaming system reduces the gap between mobile and console gaming, its a complete controller just like use for any console games. It has analog sticks, pads and the trigger buttons, in short it looks the traditional PS3 or XBOX 360 controllers.

The PowerA MOGA controller is a bluetooth enabled device which can connect to any Android smartphone and give you the same feeling like console game. It is not enough, the controller has a built-in software development kit which enables the talented to develop programs and apps for the system. The kit is filled with tools like specialized MOGA Pivot app which is smart enough to gather games that are compatible with it in a single, convenient location.

The PowerA also brings MOGA Pro controller, which features more robust analog sticks, a directional pad, and is larger in size. In addition, there is also a full sized game pad that will play nice with tablets and for those who want to play games on slightly bigger screen.

On the other hands, the games which supports the MOGA Gaming System includes; Gameloft, MachineWorks, Namco Bandai, SEGA, Atari and Ratrod Studio Inc. already support the MOGA controller. The system will hopefully be arrived in the late 2012 while it is presented for show off at the coming E3 Expo.

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