Pinball Magic Accessory For iPad iPhone and iPod

iPhone Pinball accessory

If you are addicted to the old pinball arcade game and are also a proud owner of the iPad, iPhone or even an iPod touch, then you would be more than interested in this accessory that turns your iGadget into a fully functional Pinball Magic video game. In fact it is an iPhad/iPhone/iPod pinball magic dock that sits nicely on tablet top and allows you to play your favorite Pinball arcade game whenever you are in the mood.

iPhone Pinball accessory

There are two versions available of this classical pinball arcade accessory. One is for the iPad and the other one is for iPhone and 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch gadgets. The pinball accessory works fine with your iGadget. Just slide your iPad, iPhone or iPod in the pinball magic accessory and download the FREE pinball application and be prepared to enjoy your game. The Pinball Magic accessory includes a fully functional cabinet with flipper buttons, ball launching plunger as well as credit select buttons. Oscillating LEDs and animated backbox adds more fun to your game experience.

The iPad version of the Pinball magic accessory is available for a price of $79.95 and the iPhone/iPod version has a price of $39.95 only. Available at Brookstone.

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