NVIDIA Shield Is A Set-Top Box For Android 4K TV



NVIDIA recently added a new member to its NVIDIA Shield family, which is simply known as “Shield”. It is a set-top box based on NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor and is designed particularly for Google’s Android TV. This NVIDIA Shield features:

  • 4K content support encoded with H.265
  • Stream local content for NVIDIA powered systems at rate of 1080p60
  • Support NVIDIA’s game streaming initiative “Grid”

Since it is built for purely android platform, therefore, it can easily access plenty of Google’s entertainment programs, services and apps including YouTube and Google Play Store. The built-in microphone in the NVIDIA Shield ensures the support for Google Voice Search too.

This new Shield product from NVIDIA will be available in the month of May, this year at price of $199 and hopefully will quickly gain popularity like the other Shield devices.

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