iControlPad Starts Shipping – Gaming Pad For iPhone, iPod and Other Mobile Phones

iControlPad Gaming Pad Accessory

Way back in August 2010, we posted about this cool iPhone / iPod gaming pad, the iControlPad and now this accessory has finally started shipping. So those of you who want to get their hands on this gaming pad, they need to also consider the fact that only 3000 units of iControlPad will be manufactured and sold in the first phase.

iControlPad Gaming Pad Accessory

A quick look at the features reveal that the iControlPad gamepad has a digital Dpad, 2 analog nums, 6 face buttons along with two rear buttons. Inserting your iPhone or other gadget is just a snap and you can easily fool your fiends by the looks of it since it resembles many popular handheld gaming consoles. The best part about the iControlPad gaming pad is that it is not a battery killer because it comes with its own 1500mAh battery plus you also have the option to charge your iPhone via USB while playing.

You can easily get the iControlPad gaming pad accessory for $74.99 only after the first set of 1000 units are shipping by mid Feb 2011.

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