Harman Audio Unveils GHS-1 Gaming Headphone

Harman audio GHS1 headphone

Harman Audio has just announced another of their great products, the Harman Audio GHS-1 Gaming headset, aimed for those who want to make the most out of their gaming experience with almost zero interruption, thanks to passive noise cancellation. Some of the main features of the Harman Audio GHS-1 headphone have been highlighted below.

Harman audio GHS1 headphone

The Harman Audio GHS1 headphone has also won the Red Dot award for its outstanding design which makes is the most superior gaming headphones to date. This is a lightweight headphone and it can be worn for longer periods without signs of discomfort. The Harman Audio GHS1 headphone has passive noise reduction technology due to which all the focus of the gamer remains on nothing but his/her game.

The new Harman Audio GHS1 headphone also features a boom microphone which is responsible for filtering out background noise. The GHS1 is foldable headphone and is easy to store and carry. It comes is three different colors; black and orange, green and white and blue and camouflage. The Harman Audio GHS1 headphone is available for a price of $79.95 only.

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