Fling : Joystick Accessory For iPad by Ten One Design

Fling iPad game controller

If you play a lot of games on your iPad and specially those ones that have virtual joystick then you would be delighted to know that Ten One Design has just made an iPad accessory that will make your iPad gaming experience more worthwhile. It is an iPad joystick accessory called Fling which sits over the virtual joystick.

Fling iPad game controller
Fling iPad Joystick Accessory
Fling is being called iPad game controller as it gives you the feel and experience of your handheld gaming consoles. The simple yet effective suction cup design keeps Fling attached to your iPad as long as you want and when you are done smashing those space invaders and other evil game characters, you can simple remove Fling from you iPad.

Currently Fling iPad game controller accessory is available on pre-order for $24.95 or $38 if you buy a pack containing 2 Flings.

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