Devil 13 HD 7990 GPU with 6GB GDDR5 by PowerColor

Devil 13 HD7990 GPU

Devil 13 HD7990 GPU

PowerColor has just unveiled its latest addition to the line of powerful GPUs, the Devil 13 HD 7990 Graphics Card. The Devil 13 HD7990 is packed with dual TAHITI XT GPU so it has 2 x 2048 CUDA Cores with 2 x 384-bit memory interface. The HD 7990 has a GPU clock of 925MHz which can achieve boost of up to 1000MHz while the 6GB GDDR5 memory has a clock speed of about 1357MHz. With this much graphics powered under the hood, the Devil 13 HD 7990 GPU is equipped with triple-slot cooling system which also has triple-fan arrangement to keep things cool during intense gaming encounters.

Unfortunately there is no news on the price and exact release date of the new PowerColor Devil 13 HD7990 Graphics card so stay tuned for more updates.

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