ArcadeDock Converts Your laptop into “King of Fighter” Gaming Machine

If you think it is possible then think twice and then look at the picture below where this guy has made a custom gaming dock for his Lenovo laptop to make it an all time classical King Of Fighter gaming machine with the same touch of those old days.

ArcadeDock laptop Gaming Dock

They call it the ArcadeDock which is a laptop dock and not as much bulky as those old gaming machines but they get you in the mood right from the second you grab a hold of it. The ArcadeDock features a fully functional joystick, large buttons etc. There is also a secret tray at the bottom that holds a keyboard for entering text inputs to your laptop, in case you want to keep your Laptop in there for long and also use it for surfing and other computing tasks. The design is pretty neat and if you do not know what is inside, you are most probably going to be fooled by the looks of it.

We have no information whether the ArcadeDock will be available to those interested or not. Better keep an eye on Whats Your Idea Of Fun website for more details.