Z:ero is Zorloo’s First Full Digital Earphone

Zero Earphone

Zero Earphone

Zorloo has just revealed “Z:ero” which according to the press release is first earphone to deliver digital audio from your smartphone. Usually the 3.5mm headphone jack outs only analog audio while the Zorloo’s Z:ero earphone does not even require to be hooked in the audio jack.

In the past, to experience pure digital audio one needed a HiFi music player, high powered amplifier, digital to analog converter (DAC) along with few other peripherals. But now all you would need is the Zorloo Z:ero earphone.

The Z:ero earphone plugs into your smartphone’s mucro USB port and makes use of its built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to deliver true digital audio experience. Zorloo has not yet revealed the price for its digital earphones but has also hinted that it plans to produce similar earphones for iOS devices as well.

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