Turn iPad Into Paperless Office Via Brookstone iConvert Scanner



Brookstone has already introduced various digital scanners build for iPads and other devices and now its another one from the Brookstone; the iConvert scanner particularly for iPad (1 and 2). It amazingly turns your iPad into paperless office via iConvert’s feeder slot, it will not only designed for office work but also can be used at home for making memorable albums in iPad’s photo gallery and used as mobile scanner for urgent business works.

The iConvert works when the desired document is placed in its feeder slot having size of 2 to 8.5 inches. The scanner will then display the instant image of the document via free downloadable app to allow high-resolution 300dpi scanning to JPEG format. The scaaner shows the real-time preview and the uploaded image will then save to the iPad’s photo library which you can email, print or delete it, or edit.

The iConver Scanner is available for pre-order at Brookstone website atprice of $149.99 and will be start shipping from 1st February 2012.

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