Transform Smartphone To Notebook Via LightPad G1

LightPad Pico Projector G1

LightPad Pico Projector G1

LightPad G1 is a pico projector device with a keyboard (like your notebook has) which turns your smartphone to a notebook. By establishing a connection between the phone and LightPad G1 the projector turns ON and starts to display image on the wall or equivalent surface where you can easily view the display of 11″ screen size.

The thing which makes this device more interesting is that it has a keyboard through which you can easily do the work you want. It would be the good on the go device which let you do work easily at place where you don’t have access to edit your work instantly. The battery of LightPad G1 can easily power your projector for up to 5 hours which will be increased in the next generation LightPad G2 by 7 hours.

Before the LightPad come various docking stations are available that turns your tablet or slate to a notebook but by the entrance of LightPad G1 in the tech world you can even turn your smartphone to a notebook. Though the resolution of the projector display is not so efficient i.e. maximum of 854×480 pixels, but it will be improved in its follow up G2 with maximum of 1280×720 pixels resolution. The device is made to support almost all the operating systems of today’s smartphone including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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