Toshiba REGZA RB2 Series TV with Blu-ray Drive and USB Recording

Toshiba REGZA RB2 TV

Toshiba has just introduced a couple of new TV series, Toshiba REGZA RB2 series being the one that got our immediate attention for some very solid reasons. Unlike other HD TVs, the Toshiba REGZA RB2 series TV is capable of recording your favorite TV programs and movies via its USB recording function. The TV programs can be recorded on an external USB hard drive. Some of the other interesting features of the RB2 series TVs have been discussed below.

Toshiba REGZA RB2 TV

The Toshiba REGZA RB2 series TVs come in three different sizes, 26”, 32” and 40”. The Toshiba REGZA RB2 40” model is FULL HD version with 120Hz panel. The Toshiba REGZA RB2 series TVs also has built-in Blu-ray drive/recorder. Other features of the RB2 series TV include DLNA support, compact design etc. No word on price and exact availability of the new Toshiba REGZA RB2 series TV.

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