Toshiba Japan Brings REGZA 19P2 TV With Internal Battery

Toshiba announced a 19” LCD TV for the sole purpose of “Power Saving”. The model is named as REGZA 19P2 which comes with an internal battery which can be easily replaced on demand, and some other power save functions brief discussed in this article.

Toshiba 19" LCD TV with Battery

1. The 19” Toshiba REGZA 19P2 has a most prominent feature of “Peak Power Shift” , this is controlled by a button on TV remote control which allows you to easily switch TV AC power to DC power supplied by the battery. The battery takes 3-5 hrs of charging time and allows you to continuously watch TV for 3 hours.

2. The “Power Save” function reduces the power consumption up to 18% and it automatically adjusts the brightness, contrast, etc so that you can watch the best possible sight.

3. It is built with LED-backlit panel with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and reduces 27% of annual energy consumption.

4. In case of electricity breakdown when home digital antenna sites may stop working the built-in Seg with TV Tuner and antenna allows you to watch 1Seg Broadcasting.

The REGZA 19P2 has also an HDMI port and will hopefully launch in July 2011 in Japan at price of $500 (50,000 Yen) while the individual battery pack will be available in August 2011 at sale price of $90 (7000 Yen).

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