Toshiba Bezel-Less Passive 3D TV Models Announced

Toshiba Bezel-Less Passive TVs

Toshiba Bezel-Less Passive TVs

Like other devices which has been started to give their show off few days prior to CES, Toshiba also brings its upcoming smart “Bezel-less” TV models L7200 and L6200. Both the models will come in different screen sizes and response rates:

L7200 : 240Hz response rate available in 47 and 55-inches
L6200 : 120Hz response rate available in 42, 47 and 55-inches.

The new Toshiba TVs will run on passive 3D technology thus reduces the price compare to active 3D TVs. As far as features and design are concerned the TVs are made bezel-less which somehow gives better view. In addition to 3D function, Toshiba also embedded TriVector 2D-to-3D conversion technology.

Toshiba build these 3D TVs with DLNA and WiFi connectivity which allows streaming videos, music, and photos from countless home media servers and other devices through preloaded MediaShare app. Another amazing feature is that if you have Toshiba Tablet then it can easily serve as remote control for your Toshiba 3D smart TV and enjoy Airplay style streaming feature of Send&Play through your Toshiba Tablet.

The Toshiba L7200 and L6200 3D TV models will arrive in March.

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