Toshiba Announced Its New 4K 55X3 TV



Toshiba has recently announced its first Native 4K TV in Japan which is assigned a model name as 55X3. The 55X3 4K Tv would certainly brings revolution to the TV industry with 4K technology, the TV is built with Toshiba’s CEVO Duo image engine along with the QFHD resolution. The 4K or QFHD resolution allows 3840×2160 display resolution.

Though the 4K technology is not much common these days as it is the most recent form of display technology and lack of other compatible 4K devices might create not much room for this 55X3 TV. But Toshiba‘s recent 4K devices would certainly create your QFHD wonder world with the help of Toshiba’s QFHD Video input adapter and the THD-MBA1. You can enjoy watching videos at 4K resolution by connecting your PC with the 55X3 TV, the THD-MBA1 provides the path which you connect PC to the 55X3 TV, all you need is to connect a PC with either a proprietary 4K2 Video card or 4 Regular Videos Cards into the (which is able to connect 4 full HD inputs) and your HD video will be right on your 4K TV.

Toshiba 55X3 TV is announced at a price of 650,000 Yen and will be available in Japan soon.

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