SONY Reader Daily Edition Wi-Fi Plus 3G Now Available

SONY Reader Daily Edition

SONY has just announced that the new Sony Reader Daily Edition has now become available at a reasonable price in US. The Sony Reader Daily Edition has both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and it sports a 7” touch screen display which is now becoming a must in most handheld devices. With many manufacturers introducing Color E-Book Readers, it is surprising to see Sony going for the traditional grey shades.

SONY Reader Daily Edition
The Sony Reader daily Edition comes with 3G connectivity plan at no additional ONE-time or monthly cost. 3G connectivity has been provided by AT&T. Wherever there is 3G coverage, users will be able to download books, browse select websites such as Google, Wikipedia, Twitter etc. 3G access is limited since it is FREE but with the Wi-Fi connection users will have more flexibility.

The Sony Reader Daily Edition has an internal memory of 2GB which can be extended up to 32GB by adding a memory card. Other features of this E-Reader include web browsing, optical touch screen, automatic multiple page creation, adjustable brightness / contrast, stand-by screens, intuitive content zoom etc.

The Sony Reader is currently available in Silver for a price of $299 only.

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