Seiko Intros Astron GPS Wrist Watch With $1886 Price Tag

seiko astron GPS Watch

seiko astron GPS Watch

Seiko has just announced another of its cool looking wrist watches, the Seiko Astron GPS which. The new Seiko Astron is a GPS wrist watch with built-in GPS chipset that can tell you the longitude, latitude as well as altitude of where ever you are on this earth. The new Seiko GPS wrist watch relies on electric waves from GPS satellites to option all the location information. Another cool feature about this Seiko Aston watch is that it can obtain up to date time information anywhere on this planet. Like many other GPS wrist watches, the Seiko Astron watch also has a photovoltaic (PV) battery so that user does not have to worry about replacing the battery.

For those interested, the new Seiko Astron GPS wrist watch has a price tag of about $1,886 and will be made available in Q3 2012 and if you have realizes, it is not for the faint hearted.


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