Samsung Will Unleash New Expanded Audio Products At CES 2015

Samsung Ring Speakers

Samsung Ring Speakers

At the coming event of CES next year, Samsung is ready to unleash its new and expanded lineup of audio products. Among these products we have got details about two items which include WAM7500 and WAM6500 rings speakers. These speakers come with a new concept of delivering room-filling sound everywhere with clarity.

These speakers come with Ring Radiator technology that allows sound waves to travel in 360-degree span keeping the perfect balance between treble and bass. Therefore, by using these speakers, music lovers can listen vibrant sound anywhere. The two WAM7500 and WAM6500 are knows as Stand-type and Movable-type respectively. Their names actually define their difference and properties i.e Stand-type is a stylish model similar to desk lamp; paired with premium sound quality. However, Movable-type is a kettle shape mobile speaker as it has a built-in battery. Both models are able to connect with TVs, soundbars and mobile devices.

Besides these ring radiators, Samsung has also announced its expanded lineup of Curved Soundbars for Samsung’s Curved TVs of various sizes ranging from 45 to 78 inches. Samsung recently introduced a new series of 8500, which comprises of 9.1 channel for enhanced sound quality output, thanks to the three added speakers. Samsung didn’t say much about the price of any of these products and will present these lineups in the coming event of CES.

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