Samsung Unvealed 32-nm Eynos Processors



Just before starting the MWC Samsung gave some highlights of its latest Exynos processors. The major improvement which made in these processors is the manufacturing size which is reduced from 45-nm to 32-nm. This reduced size processor technology certainly cause less power consumption with much better performance.

The Samsung Exynos processors ranging from 200 MHz to 1.5 GHz in both dual and quad-core configurations. These processors can do :

  • 26% more performance overall than its current Exynos chip
  • 50% improved battery life
  • Power save up to 45% for CPU tasks, and 48% for 3D calculations

Currently the Samsung 32-nm Exynos are experienced with the latest version of Samsung’s own GPU, which is an OpenGL ES 2.0-capable chip with four pixel processors. These are just the overview for the coming samsung processors we can see the demo at MWC where it will be shown off in some phones.

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