Samsung Announced Multi-Function Monitors with HDTV Tuner Capabilities

Samsung multi function monitor

Samsung continues to improve user experience by introducing 30-series and 90-series monitors with HDTV tuner function. Now your LCD monitor will double as a HDTV or you can use both simultaneously by working as well as watching your favorite LIVE sports game or TV show all from the same display.

Samsung multi function monitor

The Samsung 90 series monitor has a 24 inch display while the 30 series Samsung monitor come in 2.15”, 23” and 24” display sizes. Unfortunately no 30-inch version. All the models of course have their own remote controls. The new Samsung monitors are equipped with HDMI inputs for connecting the monitor to HD devices such as gaming consoles, disc players, cable boxes etc. The 30 and 90 series Samsung monitors have other multimedia capabilities such as you can play music directly via external flash drive by connecting it to its USB port. You can even play other media such as videos and watch photos directly.

The Samsung 90 series monitor is set to be released in September 2010 at a price of $419.99 while the 30 series monitors have been made available for prices $269.99 – $329.99 depending upon which size you want to purchase. If you are running short on space then you might want to grab one of the Samsung 30 or 90 series monitors.

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