Refresh Charging Station – Multi Charger Station

refresh charging station

Fed up with those bulky chargers for your phones, iPods and other tech gadgets, chances are that you spend more time searching for them and dealing with their annoying knots. What if all these charging takes place in a single charger such as this refresh charging station.

Refresh Charging Station

The Refresh charging station is a All-In-One multi charging station that has all the cables and connectors for charging your players, cell phones, iPods/iPhones, GPS units and other bluetooth devices such as headphones. It has a sleek design as it measures only 24.1cm x 4.5cm x 14.2cm and fits in nicely on desks and counters. Inside the refresh charging station lies six universal connectors for charging your gadgets. It also has two additional USB sockets for connecting any other USB device that is charged via USB port so next time you want to charge any such device, you do not need to turn ON your PC and this powerful multi charging station gets the job done very easily. The Refresh charging station can be connected to any mains power socket and let it do the charging for you. It comes with separate adopters for UK, USA and Europe so you can even carry this along with you when ever you are on the move.

Multi Charging Station for Cell phones, MP3 players, iPods and other Electronic Gadgets

You can easily get this Refresh Charging station for under £70.

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