Recyclable Mini Power Battery Pack Concept For Smartphones

mini power battery

mini power battery

Although the title and the above image is self explanatory but to put it in words, this is yet another interesting concept for Mini Power Battery packs for smartphones. It is worth mentioning here that this concept has already won the Red dot design award which of course does not guarantee that it will make it to the consumers.

The Mini Power Battery packs are made to be used as disposable as well as recyclable so that once you have used it you can return it to the store you purchased them. These will also be available in different capacities such as the smallest one will give you up to 2 hours of your phone power.

The designer behind this concept is Tsung Chih-Hsien who says that these Mini Power battery packs will be purchased in bulk and due to the materials used these will not cost much. We still have no news if or when we would be able to see one of these in the market.


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