Qualcomm Integrates 802.11ac WiFi Module For Snapdragon S4 Processors



In order to consider the user demand and need Qualcomm Atheros has planned to integrate the 802.11ac WiFi ecosystem module to its modest Snapdragon S4 processors. Qualcomm has done this after seeing the hurdles that users were facing while accessing multimedia applications most of the time.

The latest S4 family accompanies WCN3680 WiFi/BlueTooth/FM combo module and offers speeds of up to 433Mbps. By adding 802.11ac WiFI module it will also able to support the full WiFi cross-compatibility which includes the smooth streaming of 1080p video across any crowded network. According to the PR the area which it will target the most includes mobile, home and office networking using smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, televisions, home routers, gateways and enterprise access points.

Qualcomm will open its 802.11ac WiFi portfolio for users during the second quarter of 2012 but it will give some demonstration of S4 over WCN3680 capabilities at the MWC next week.

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