Powercell 10000+ Battery Bank Requires No Cables To Charge Itself

Powercell 10000+

Powercell 10000+

If you are not happy with the fact that your smartphone battery is always draining and you do not want to be in the hassle of getting a battery bank because that would also add more charging cables to carry around all the time. Ventev on the other hand as a solution for you in the form of Powercell 10000+ which is a one of a kind of portable battery bank for your power hungry gadgets.

Ventev has just revealed the Powercell 10000+ and it comes attached with a lighning and a micro USB charging cables plus it also has AC prongs built into it so there is nothing else you need to carry along with the Powercell 10000+ in order to charge your phone or tablets.

Unlike the name, the Powercell 10000+ has inside of it a 9000mAh battery which is sufficient enough to charge an average smartphone up to 3 times completely or several times partially. However, it does not come cheap and has a price tag of $110 only.

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