Portable PA Sound System With iPod Docking Station

There are not many PA sound systems that have iPod docking feature so you can take them anywhere as they are portable and let the crowd hear your music. This is a small PA System with the ability to dock, charge and play music right from your iPod.

Portable PA sound system

It is a portable PA sound system which will send the signal out loud enough to be heard in a 150 feet radius. It is a mini size portable PA system which runs on chargeable batteries. You just charge the batteries for 4 hours and play the music loud for as long as 6 hours depending upon your base/volume settings. The small portable PA system is suited for indoors, parties, ceremonies, gyms, festivals, conference rooms etc.

It is a product by Ion and this portable PA sound system has a built-in 25W amplifier and speaker system. It has an iPod docking slot right on the top so you place your iPod and listen to the music via this small PA system. The iPod docking slot will not only play music from your device but it will also charge the iPod at the same time. It has a MIC slot to use it for the purpose it is built for, a PA system.

This portable PA sound system also has an instrument jack so you can plug in your guitar, piano or any other instrument to it and practice with the music playing from the iPod. The small PA system also has auxiliary jack for connecting other CD players, mp3 players or other external media player. It has volume control for all the above said inputs and the great thing about this PA sound system is that you can run all the devices simultaneously. Great for making announcements without interrupting the background music.

The iPA03 Portable PA sound system comes with two carrying options. It has two lifting handles on either side and it also has a cool sliding handle so you can drag it on its wheels just like the way you move mini suitcases. On the rear size of this small PA system you have slots for connecting the power cable which charges the battery inside. It also contains battery level indicator. Last but not the least, this portable PA sound system also has a link jack which can be used to connect to other similar PA systems or amplifier speakers.

Overall this is a great portable PA system we would recommend and we rate it 9/10 because of the simplicity in design and lots of handy features for such a small PA system.

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