Portable Digital Photo Album Stores Over 40,000 Photos

There are several digital photo frames in the market but none is as spacious as this one. Only its internal memory can store up to 40,000 high quality crisp images. Another great plus for this digital photo frame is that it is a complete portable digital photo album which you can carry easily.

Portable Digital Photo Album with 4GB internal memory

This large photo frame has an LCD display of 7 inches and will display your images in 800×480 resolution. This portable digital photo album also has a sideshow feature which comes in handy when you want to show your photos in series and the feature is absolutely hands free. This handy digital photo album is very light weight and weighs just under 1 lb, 408 g to be precise.

Portable digital Photo Album closeup

This portable digital photo album has an internal memory of 4GB which can store up to 40,000 images. The device also has a memory card slot for increasing its total memory up to 20GB and this is a lot of capacity for lots of images if you know what we mean !

This portable digital album is compatible with most of the USB devices such as memory sticks, flash drives, external hard drives etc. All these can be connected to its USB port and display images directly from external memory without the need of transferring images to its internal memory.

This handy digital photo album has an internal memory which can be recharged and used over and over. When fully charged, it will display photos and slide shows up to 3 hours. The portable digital frame is provided with a universal charger which will charge this digital album anywhere in the world. The photo album comes in a leather case attached to it which not only acts as its covering case but it is also used to place this portable digital photo album on a table and use it as a digital photo frame.

The portable digital album measures 19.5 cm x 11.3 cm x 1.4 cm and comes in tan/silver, black/pink or black/silver. Overall this is a great product for those who have tons of photos to share but do not have enough space to handle specially in their mini photo frames. Because of lots of storage space, cool appearance and portability we rate this portable digital photo album 8/10.

Portable Digital Album Photos

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