Portable Car GPS System by Garmin

A portable GPS navigator from Garmin gives you the most accurate route of North America with current traffic updates which is simply terrific. This is one of the best GPS navigators among the current GPS navigation devices available in market. It contains lots of handy tools and features including, bluetooth technology, traffic receiver, screen lock, anti-theft feature and many more.

GPS Portable Car NavigatorThis portable GPS navigator come out with, preloaded city navigator® NT for North America or Europe (full coverage), lifetime traffic, FM traffic receiver with vehicle power cable, vehicle suction cup mount, USB cable, dashboard disc and a quick start user manual to get you started with your navigating instincts.

Through the wireless Bluetooth Technology you are able to make or receive calls by establishing bluetooth connection between your cell phone and other such devices. GTM 20 FM traffic receiver is embedded with this device which guides you every moment and gives updates about current traffic so that you know where not to get lined with a traffic jam. This receiver also suggest you the route you should follow in case of any traffic congestion or if there is any construction going on, cool isn’t it ! The Text-to-Speak feature helps you to get spoken directions with street names too.

Photos of Garmin nüvi 265WT 4.3-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Integrated Traffic Receiver

Screen Lock System allows you to quick lock current screen by sliding the power button and the screen will be locked for 15 seconds the screen goes into gray-white color mode to save battery power. So feel free to use this handy GPS for finding your way not only while you are on wheels but when on feet too.

The navigator screen also shows you 3-D view of a picture and highlights any street name on pointing the finger on screen. This 3-D feature also helps to show you the terrain maps including mountains, hills, rivers, etc. The downloading feature of navigator allows you to download picture and maps of different regions. Through animated pictures you can watch your position and movement on the track too this also kicks in your fantasy world !

The device also provides you the desired address from google map or mapquest. For getting address you have to connect the GPS with your computer so that the GPS gets the address and will display in on screen.

The device is designed with two receivers one is FM receiver and the other optional receiver is compatible with MSN Direct features. The MSN direct receiver not only guides you the right way but also has some advanced features including, stock exchange reports, weather updates, news, local events, etc.

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