Pocket GPS – Spot Handheld GPS Unit Tracking via Google Maps

This is a pocket size GPS unit by SPOT which has been around for sometimes. It is a handheld GPS unit about the size of your hand, capable enough to send satellite signals in case of emergency and is also very handy for tracking your route.


Can turn out to be a real life saver in extreme outdoor conditions where one gets stuck and needs help. With the SPOT GPS unit you will be able to send out your coordinates to a satellite which will transmit that signal to the rescue personnel and to those who you want to be informed in times when you need help. It is very simple to use. Very few buttons are present as shown in the above photo. One is for turning this GPS unit ON/OFF, the other one is to send a signal indicating that you are OK, help call button and the last one os for the worst case , the 911 button when you really need some serious help.

SPOT GPS worldwide coverage

No matter where you are located, this small SPOT GPS unit works world wide with a very minor annual fee for using satellite services. Another plus is that when ever you hit the signal key it sends your location to the person you want along with a Google map link so that the person can know your exact location. This is great for those who want to be kept informed that their loved ones are ok. This SPOT GPS device sends your coordinates at regular intervals so that when you come back you can trace your entire route.

SPOT GPS tracking via google maps

This GPS unit also has a clip for attaching it to your belt, bag or any thing else. It is also water proof not more than 1 meter for almost 30 minutes and can function properly within -40 to 80 degree centigrade. It just requires 2 x AA size batteries and this would make it last for almost a year when on ON mode, 14 days in tracking mode and 7 days in 911 mode. The SPOT GPS unit only measures 11.1 x 6.9 x 4.4 cm.


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