Pocket Freeview TV & Multimedia Player

Can not miss out your favorite TV show or a nail biting sports match specially when you are on the move. If this is the case with you then you really need to have a look at this handheld portable TV which will allow you to watch over 40 Freeview channels and listen to several digital radio channels.

Freeview portable TV with 3.5 inch LCD screen

This small portable TV fits perfectly in your pant’s pockets and you can take it out any time and watch your favorite TV show or the serial that you want to miss while traveling. This Freeview portable TV has a LCD screen which is 3.5 inches wide and if you have a larger display then this small portable TV also has a display out socket which will connect it to a larger screen and shows all the TV channels. This small TV works best when you are traveling under 70 miles per hour.

This handheld portable TV has a built-in loud speaker for listening to your TV and radio channels. It also has an earphone jack so that you do not disturb anybody else. Another exciting thing about this portable TV is that its battery lasts for 3 hours of continuous playing and is recharged easily with the help of mains adaptor. You can also get a travelers charger so that you can plug it in to your vehicle and get it charged every time you use it.

Accessories that come with this handheld portable TV include : AC power adaptor, USB cable, Portable antenna, Telescopic antenna, Aerial adaptor, AV cable, Earphones, User’s manual. This Pocket Freview TV works best where Freeview signals are strong.

When connected to other media sources, it becomes a very handy multimedia player that supports nearly all types of audio and video file formats. This pocket Freeview TV also has a built-in card reader (SD/MMC only).

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