Philips DS6100 Speaker Dock For iOS Devices

Philips DS6100 Speaker Dock For iOS Devices

iOS Speaker Docking Station

Philips brings a leek and stylish speaker dock DS6100 specially designed for iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iMac. The body looks pretty cool and sleek and greatly matches with the length of a desktop so it can be said that the design perspective is based on the desktop machine i particular the Apple iMac.

The whole body od the DS6100 docking station is made with aluminum and consists of a pair of 20W neodymium speaker. It also allows you to connect other devices including non-iOS through AUX-in and enjoy the pure balanced sound effects. Through this AUX-in connection you can connect either iMac or a PC with this docking station and listen clear sound of what you are seeing on your computer.

The Philips DS610 Speaker Dock will be arrived in May 2012 at price of $179.99.

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