Once Write Your Data And Read Forever Via M-Disc


Millenniata a renowned disc manufacturer recently announced a DVD-R disc; the M-Disc which holds your data forever once you wrote on it. Usually a disc can carry your data not more that 4-5 years but Millenniata has made this possible through M-Disc. The disc is specially designed for those users who want to save data forever for instance; businesses, scrapbookers, photographers, archivists, genealogists.


The M-Disc is manufactured with chemically stable and heat-resistant materials which restore data on the disc forever. It is a single-layer DVD-R with 4.7GB of storage space and stores data by creating permanent voids or holes. To understand well the design of M-Disc see the picture given below clearly shows the layer pattern of the disc.


Millenniata also assures that it will soon launch its Blu-Ray version after the arrival of its DVD-R version which will be available in October 2011 at price of $2.99 a pop.

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