OnBeat Solar Headphone Is An On The Go USB Charger

OnBeat Solar Headphone

OnBeat Solar Headphone

Onbeat Solar Headphone is an entirely different and unique idea presented by an audio engineer Andrew Anderson. According to his idea, the OnBeat Solar headphone continuously taking power through solar energy and thus keep on charging your mobile device while you are travelling, walking, cycling, etc. So those people who usually listen music on the go then it would be the must have device for them because it will keep alive their handset or tablet all the time they are travelling.

As far as the OnBeat Solar Headphone working is concerned Anderson has designed this headphone with integrated flexible solar cell with a capacity of 0.55W that covers the full headband for capturing solar energy and the energy is stored in two lightweight Lithium Ion batteries held within the two ear cups. This is not just enough the headphone can be worked as USB charger for other devices due to USB port and built-in batteries, to do this you need to charge your headphone first then able to charge any other device via USB cable.

This Solar Headphone is still a Kickstarter project and need your pledge to make into reality. For further illustration watch the video below:

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