Omron HR-100C Review (40% Discount)

Among various heart rate monitors, the Omron HR-100C is rated as the top performer. Due to its small size and user friendly interface, it retains its position as the best selling heart rate monitor due to its appreciation by all the health conscious people worldwide.

Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor

And now the Omron HR-100C can be ordered at a very low price. It can be purchased from Amazon which will save you upto 40% on this tool and the cool part is that is ships absolutely free. Its working principal is very straight forward, you just have to wear a belt around your chest area while doing work outs and the belt will automatically update your heart rate which is reflected on the watch like indicator wrapped around your wrist. You can program it quite easily and set your own low and high heart rates. The alarm makes a noise whenever your heart is either below the low or above the high level.

The Omron HR-100C doesn’t only look like a watch but it also tells you the time and of course your heart rate too. It also has a alarm feature that you can set so that you are never late for your workouts. The moment you wrap the strap around your chest (both men and women) and switch ON your wrist unit, it will immediately start transmitting your heart rate which you can see rising and falling as you proceed with your work outs. It is always not necessary to wear the wrist unit, but it can also be attached to almost any kind of treadmill or bicycle with the help of a mounting bracket. You don’t have to worry about the the distance between your wrist unit and your chest strap as it has the ability to transmit your heart rate for as far as 30 meters and also 30 meters below water surface. Yes, you must be thinking now what the heck ! This heart rate monitor is also water resistant and both the wrist watch and the transmitter continue to work as long as you are not more than 30 meters deep below the water level.

Heart Pulse Rate Monitoring kit by Omron
When you purchase this Omron HR-100C heart rate monitor, you will get a wrist unit, chest strap or belt, an instruction manual and a zipped case for safely storing your unit.

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