MP4 Multimedia Wrist Watch

No more those old fashioned watches as this cool looking MP4 watch is the way to go if you are a gadget lover particularly fond of watches. This is a nice looking wrist watch that does a lot more than just telling you the time and date. It is a complete multimedia gadget with and integrated FM radio.

MP4 Multimedia Wrist watch

Although no way near the Ultra techie touch screen SWAP cell phone watch which is nearly 3 times more expensive than this MP4 watch but it is still way better than just a MP3 watch that only lets you listen to music. The MP4 watch is just like any other wrist watch that will tell you time and date plus it has a 1.5 inch TFT true color screen which will allow you to watch videos at 128 x 128 resolution. You can also view photos and slide shows in this cool wrist watch. Besides this, it is a complete MP3 watch which will let you listen to your favorite music either via its integrated FM radio or via MP3 tracks that are stored in its internal memory. The MP4 wrist watch has a 2 GB internal memory. It comes with all the necessary software for converting and transferring all media files to and from your computer on to this wrist watch.

The MP4 watch supports MP4, MP3, WMA, JPEG and also TXT file formats. Yes you can even upload any text files and view them in this watch. The wrist watch comes with a headphone set, USB charging cable and instruction manual. When completely charged, the MP4 watch will have a playback time of as long as 8 hours. Although these are not as rugged as those Casio G Shock Watches and that might as well be the reason for which these do not have a high price tag.

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