Motorola Announces Oasis Bluetooth 3.0 Headset with Active Noice Cancellation

Oasis Bluetooth Headset Motorola

After hours of interviewing and collecting feedbacks from hundreds of consumers, Motorola has come up with an improved design for the new Bluetooth headset called the Oasis Bluetooth headset. Compared to many other Bluetooth headsets, the new Motorola Oasis headset has a non-conventional behind-the-ear design that perfectly balances the headset.

Oasis Bluetooth Headset Motorola

The Motorola Oasis headset supports Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR technology and can be paired with two handsets simultaneously. It even has a very handy mute button. The Oasis Bluetooth headset measures 50x42x12 mm and weighs just 12.9 g. It has a flexible design which easily adjusts to fit almost any size ear. It is not just a straight forward Bluetooth headset but it is even equipped with dual-mics which are responsible for active noise cancellation and echo cancellation which is usually the feature of a high price noise cancelling headset.

The Motorola Oasis Bluetooth headset will be available by the first week of October 2010 for a price of $79.99 only.

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