Mitsubishi LCD TV With Blu-ray Disc Recorder : LCD-22BLR500 Model

Mitsubishi LCD-22BLD500 TV Blu ray Disc recorder

Mitsubishi LCD-22BLD500 TV Blu ray Disc recorder

Mitsubishi has just introduced its BLR500 series with a 22 inch LCD TV integrated with a Blu-ray disc recorder which allows you to record hours and hours of your favorite TV shows, movies or whatever you like. This is not the first TV-Disc recorder combo that we are witnessing but it sure is a lot smaller than previously released models and definitely a lot more convenient to move around and accommodate when you are running low on space. The LCD-22BLR500 TV has a 22 inch LED backlit display with 1366 x 768 resolution. The base of this TV houses a 500GB hard drive and the Blu-ray drive (recorder). Behind the TV lies a USB port, a pair of HDMI ports, Ethernet port, SD card slot etc. The Mitsubishi LCD TV Blue-ray disc recorder (LCD-22BLR500) will be released in Japan by the end of Jul 2011 for a price of 110,000 YEN or roughly 1,362 USD.


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