Mini Satellite Dish – Portable Mini Dish

For those who cannot live with out TV where ever they go, this mini satellite dish is an ultimate solution. This is a Portable satellite dish with TV box set by Comag. It connects you with thousands of digital TV and radio channels in UK alone.

Mini Satellite Dish by Comag

Unlike other subscription based TV channel services, this is an entirely 100% subscription-FREE satellite dish. So no matter where you are as long as you are able to point the face of the dish to the satellite, you will receive uninterrupted transmission of thousands of TV channels. Compared to Freeview TV in UK, the digital satellite TV has wider coverage.

This mini satellite TV has a built-in easy channel finder with smart detection circuitry for acoustic and optical satellites. This portable satellite has 4500 channel memory with a multifunction timer for additional channel integration. Comes with 7-day EPG – electronic program guide. The necessary child lock feature is also present.

The portable satellite dish comes with all the necessary cabling, mounting accessories, set-top box, remote control and instruction manual to set this mini dish in no time. You can even power the dish via car cigarette lighter. The mounting kit that is supplied with this satellite dish can be used for both horizontal and vertical mounting. You can either mount this dish on top of your caravan or use the vertical mounting brackets to mount it on walls and other vertical objects.

Portable satellite dish by Comag

Overall this is a very powerful mini satellite dish which will enable you to access a huge variety of digital TV and radio channels without paying monthly subscription fee. And the great part about this portable satellite dish is that it also does not take much space as compared to those bulky satellite dishes which take a great amount of real-state.

Because of the portability, compact size and bargain price, we rate this mini satellite dish 8/10.

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