Mini Pocket GPS Locator

Unable to find where you have parked your car in the parking lot which now has couple of hundred cars. Use this pocket size mini GPS locator which is no longer than a key chain and locks the position of your desired location so that you can return easily without getting

Mini Keychain GPS Locator

This mini GPS locator has the capability of scanning 32 satellites within 60 seconds. It can be used worldwide so regardless of your geographic location you can take it to any country you visit. The best part is that there is no monthly fee of using this satellite based mini GPS locator. It has a small LCD display which indicates lots of handy options such as battery, direction, direction arrow, distance etc. It can store up to three locations. All you have to do is take it to the position you want to return and store the location on any of the three slots. Then you can go anywhere and whenever you decide to return, just take out the mini GPS locator and it will tell you how far you are from your marked location and in what direction you have to move in order to return to that place.

This pocket GPS locator can track locations as far as 9999 miles and when you are really close to your marked location, it shows the distance in feet. It is a really handy tool you really need to have if you travel a lot specially to places where you have never been before such as a new city, store, hotel, camping etc.

LCD Functions of GPS Locator

Another stunning ability of this mini GPS locator is its battery life. When on standby, its battery will last for a month and when in full use, it will last for almost 2 weeks. It gets charged via USB so just plug it in to any USB slot of your PC or notebook and let it charge to maximum. You can even attach this GPS locator to your car key-chain or just keep it in your pocket.

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