Maxell Intros VBRABONE HP-VBC40 Headphones

Maxell VBRABONE HP-VBC40 headphone

Maxell for no special reason has announced VBRABONE HP-VBC40 headphone that not only looks and feels good but is also equipped with advanced bone conduction technology and vibration technology to bring the ultimate sound experience at an affordable price. More details about Maxell VBRABONE headphones are as under.

Maxell VBRABONE HP-VBC40 headphone

The Maxell VBRABONE HP-VBC40 headphone will be made available in three colors; white, black and blue. These will not be overpriced headphone and will fit in regular 3.5mm headphone jack of MP3 players, phones, tablets etc. The Maxell VBRABONE headphones will be released by the end of April 2011 in Japan for a price of 4000 YEN or roughly $48 only.

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