LG Will Put 19-Inch Flexible e-Paper into Mass Production

LG flexible e-paper

LG has finally revealed that it is going put its 19-inch wide (diagonal) flexible e-paper into mass production. LG has been making display screens for many devices and tablet computers and it has just been reveals recently that they have decided that they need to introduce some models with their own brand name.

LG flexible e-paper

The LG flexible e-paper we are talking about here measures 25 cm in width and 40 cm in height. This makes a 19-inch screen size. The LG flexible e-paper is remarkably slim with just 0.3 mm thickness. It weighs about 130g.

LG has announced that they are planning to continue improving e-paper technology and they have clear intentions that more flexible models and color e-paper screens will also be made available in near future. The LG flexible e-paper technology makes use of metal foil instead of traditional glass which makes it even more durable and of course more flexible.

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